I’m Harvey Bowen, project manager, audio engineer, father, and husband, living in Seattle, Washington. I am currently engaged in managing personal projects, but if you know me and your project is interesting enough I’ll consider professional or volunteer project management or other consulting.

Two of my active projects are building a music recording studio space and a performance space. More on those when they are ready. If you’re looking for music now, check out my last recording project before construction started: River Irene

If you are looking for my resume, LinkedIn.

If interested in martial arts, visit my wife’s business: White Dragon Kung Fu Seattle

I am currently supporting these organizations as an elected representative, project manager, and with services sales support:

• Vice-Chair, Rail Passengers Association

Director Emeritus, All Aboard Washington

You can reach me personally or professionally at:

harvey@harveybowen.com (Personal and Professional)

hbowen.rpa@outlook.com (Rail Passengers Association Business)

harveyb@allaboardwashington.com (All Aboard Washington Business)